Cumbria Credits 2018
EU Projects We work together with other partners across the European Union and the Erasmus+ programme. Our aim is to try modernise adult education across Europe. Our current project is called Education for Deeper Social Intergration (EDSI). The aim of this project is to establish a strong internatonal network of institution dealing with the education of adults, focusing on those who fall into vulnerable groups. The main task is to help social intergration among adults, especially migrants and refugees, and help them adjust to mainstream society. In the project we will train educators, who will already possess the basic skill set required, on the main principles of effective and active work in the field of educating adult refugees and other vulnerable adults. Many methods and strategies have already been established throughout Europe and these will be implemented through this project. EDSI’s 5 training activities for educators will include 95 experts working in the field of adult education and refugee intergration coming from Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain and the United Kingdom. The training activies will be based on informal methods of teaching, flexible modulesm use of ICT and a lot of field work and visits to the relevant stakeholders.