Cumbria Credits 2018
IT Suite Our   IT   Suite   is   euipped   with   14   computers which    operated    Windows    10    and    have MicroSoft   Office   2013   installed.   We   also have    a    laptop,    which    runs    the    same software      and      is      connected      to      a SmartBoard. Printing is also available.
Meeting Room Our   meeting   room   has   the   capacity   to   seat 25    people    comfortably.    The    room    comes equipped   with   a   laptop   and   screen,   as   well as   flipchart   upon   request.   The   room   can   be moved to suit your needs.
Upperby   CDC   is   located   in   the   grounds   of   Upperby   Primary   School   in   Carlisle.   This welcoming   facility   has   two   fantastic   rooms   which   can   be   used   by   the   community.   If you   would   like   to   hire   one   of   our   rooms,   please   speak   to   a   member   of   centre   staff, who will be happy to help. Refreshments are available upon request.
Upperby CDC