Cumbria Credits 2018
About Us
Background and Experience Cumbria   Credits   ltd,   United   Kingdom,   is   a   non   for   profit   social   enterprise   company limited   by   guarantee.   CCL   promotes   community   regeneration   through   Adult   Education and Life Long Learning. Cumbria   Credits   was   set   up   as   a   Round   1   SRB   programme   in   1995   and   developed   70 Community    Development    Centres    throughout    Cumbria,    which    is    the    second    most sparsely populated county in England. There are still centres in Cumbria, who work with Adults who are: Socially disadvantaged through rural locality Un-employed Low or no skills Low self-esteem/ lack confidence Hesitant learners Cumbria   Credits   won   a   National   Training   Regeneration   award,   through   the   Secretary   of State’s Office (BURA) in 2001. Community   Development   Centres   were   set   up   in   local   Primary   Schools   throughout Cumbria    as    a    vehicle    for    hesitant    learners    to    access    training    to    help    develop- confidence,    social    and    communication    skills    and    included    achievable    recognised qualifications    in    ICT,    Customer    Service,    Business    and    Administration,    Teaching Assistants, employability skills from entry level to level 3. Community   Development   Centres   have   experience   working   with   learners   from   different background   and   skill   sets.   They   have   delivered   courses   from   beginners   to   QCF’s   at level 4. One centre won the National Training Award in 2010 for the North West. Activities and Experience As   yet   Cumbria   Credits   have   not   worked   directly   with   the   migrant   community   on   a   large scale   but   are   willing   to   help   partner   organisations,   such   as   Cumbria   County   Council, Carlisle   City   Council,   Barnardo’s   Carlisle   Urban   Sure   Start,   Citizen   Advice   Bureau, Riverside   Housing   and   Upperby   Community   Development   Centre   who   work   closely   with members    of    the    local    community,    unemployed    with    little    or    no    skills,    migrant communities and people with social and urban deprivation.
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